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Travel To Anywhere From The UK Midlands

Example Travel Times

London – 1.5 hours (by train to Euston)

Birmingham – 45 minutes (driving)

Manchester – 2.5 hours (by train to Manchester Picadilly)

Leeds – 2.5 hours (driving)

Edinburgh – 1.5 hours (direct flight from Birmingham Intl)

I am based in the middle of the UK. As far, pretty much, as you can get from the sea in this country.

What that means is nowhere – almost nowhere – in the UK is more than a couple or so hours away by car. We’re well connected by train and I regularly travel across the country.

I often work internationally and have either consulted, spoken or trained in Belgium, Holland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Eire, the West Indies, the USA and a number of other countries.

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