Strategic Consultancy has a poor reputation.

Nothing to do with me I hasten to add! It’s just that some people have had a bad experience with a consultant or agency. They perhaps have paid a lot of money and got little in return.

You’d expect me to tell you that I’m different, wouldn’t you? So, I will.

I’m different.

Here’s why….

Step 1: A Work Culture Audit

Once we’ve agreed we’re a good fit for each other, then I’m all ears. The first step in our consultancy relationship is a Business Psychology Audit.

During the audit phase I will ask you lots of questions. I try and get under the skin of your organisation. Working closely with the senior management team, my goal is to understand who you are as a group of people.

Some of this analysis will be face-to-face and at your location(s), or online. Typical projects include assessing your recruitment practices, leadership style and levels of employee engagement and motivation.

Essentially, we spend time working out WHO you are WHAT you are looking to achieve. We can then work together to identify opportunities where the application of psychological principles can make an immediate improvement.

What You Get…

At the end of the auditing phase, you will have:

Clarity on where you and your people are in terms of work culture

  • Where your gaps and weaknesses are
  • Quick wins and opportunities for rapid gains
  • An assessment of your team’s skills and training needs
  • A comprehensive report and presentation of findings
  • At this point, we both might say, ‘enough is enough’ and we go our separate ways. There would be no obligation on your part.
  • You will be equipped to seize the opportunities of change on your own.

Or, if it made sense, we could continue to work together.

“Andrew quickly positions the tools and options available. Only when you are clear of what it is you want will Andrew then demonstrate how you can use the tools available to their best advantage.”

Mark Priday

Director, Verdant Ventures

Step 2: A Strategic Roadmap

Once we have a picture of your organisation, the value I add is to combine my knowledge of behavioural science to your business challenges.

Working together, we can then develop your strategic Change Management Action Plan.

Typically, this plan will include:

  • Situation Analysis – where you are now, gaps and opportunities
  • Objectives – stretching targets combined with SMART steps
  • Strategy – how you will achieve your Objectives
  • Tactics – the practical and realistic changes you can make
  • Actions – your daily, weekly and monthly activities
  • Controls – using data and analytics to improve and hit your targets

“Andrew is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced expert. He can really make a difference to people’s businesses. He also easy to work with – thoughtful as well as action-oriented.”

Melanie Allen

Director, Allen Ink

What Else Do You Get?

  1. Comprehensive written report (varies between 12 – 40 pages)
  2. Full presentation – face-to-face and/or via MS Teams/Skype/Zoom
  3. Detailed 12-month Action Plan
  4. Supporting Resources – guides, templates, instructional videos etc

What’s Next?

As with the Strategy Audit (above) you may decide to continue on your own. Again, there is no obligation on your part.

Or, as your team implement your Change Plan, you may wish to support them with ongoing coaching and support (see below)…

Step 3. Coaching and Mentoring


Once your Change Management Plan is complete, your team might benefit from the coaching and mentoring services I provide.

This support is tailored to each person or team but usually consists of weekly and monthly:

  • Calls (via MS Teams, Skype or Zoom)
  • Emails
  • Individual and team actions and targets

The benefit of a coaching programme is that team members are fully supported to implement the Plan. The support encourages creative thinking and keeps people on track.

Your team can ask questions and seek help at any time. The weekly/monthly coaching calls are a mixture of Q&A and brainstorming sessions and help people work through any challenges they are having with the Change Management Plan.

Why I Can Help You

  • Qualified Business Psychologist
  • 20+ years experience of Strategic Consulting
  • Launched, managed and worked with just about every type of public, private or not-for-profit organisation
  • Trainer for Google’s Digital Academy, Google’s Squared Online,, eMarketeers, the Institute of Direct Marketing (IDM), the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and others
  • Guest speaker at major UK business schools including Warwick, Aston, Birmingham, Nottingham, Cardiff and Lancaster
  • A long list of delighted clients from both the public and private sector
  • Associate Lecturer on the MA and MSc Future Media programmes at Birmingham City University

Brands I Have Worked With

Thought Leadership Material

Part of what I do is creating thought leadership material and content for partner organisations.

This material includes:

  • Whitepapers
  • Videos
  • How-To Guides
  • Articles
  • Press releases
  • Research reports
  • Blog posts

The majority of this material is, of course, related to Business Psychology. But I also produce material on broader productivity and business-related topics.

If you’d like to discuss how I could help you produce material for your website or publication, please drop me a line or use the contact form below.

Free Business Psychology Consultation

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