Andrew Lloyd Gordon | Business Psychologist

Andrew Lloyd Gordon
Business Psychologist

Skinny Version

Since 1996  I have worked as and with leaders and managers in a variety of organisations.  As a qualified Business Psychologist, I and can help you and your team:

  • Attract and select the right talent
  • Lead and manage effectively
  • Plan and organise intelligently
  • Build strong and cohesive teams

This blog and my social media accounts, are where I share the latest thinking, tips, ideas and suggestions from the fields of digital business, agile management and behavioural science that will help you succeed. 

At a career fairs conference in Boston USA with jobs.ac.uk colleagues.

The Full Fat Version

​After a spell in the military, I studied psychology at The University of Liverpool. From there I went onto Warwick Business School to study Organisation Studies (Organisational Psychology, Sociology and Design).

This is how I came to combine the two great passions in my life: Business and Psychology…

After leaving the army, I entered the business world in 1996. This was at the height of the dot com boom when I helped design, launch, promote and manage a number of startups including – still my favourite all time project – jobs.ac.uk

I continued my professional development with qualifications via distance learning (good old Open University). With perfect timing, I launched my own consultancy in the summer of 1999 – just before the dot com crash!

Since then I have become a fully qualified Organisational and Business Psychology (MSc level) and a member of the Association for Business Psychology (ABP).

The Services I Offer

There are three key ways I can help you:

1. Consultancy
Working with you and your team to bring about meaningful and sustained business improvement. 

2. Speaking
Delivering short presentations and keynotes to small teams and large conference audiences. 

3. Training
Educating your people in the latest business thinking and practices. 

Some Of The Brands I Have Worked With

“Andrew ran a fantastic course on Designing Persuasive Websites. He was enthusiastic, personable and very knowledgeable, explaining each step in a useful, real-life manner allowing me to relate it specifically to my work.

Thank you Andrew – a very interesting day.”

Sarah Welton

UX Manager, Bloodwise

What More Is There To Know?

I’m a Midlander by birth, although I have lived and worked all over the UK and spent much time overseas.

My proudest achievement is being the father to an amazing daughter. If I do nothing else in life, being a dad tops everything.

I have a crazy little dog called Ollie. And I’m a big fan of stand-up comedy and all things funny.

I love a good read and am as happy reading a business-related book (sad I know) as I am the latest science fiction sensation.

In my free-time I enjoy entertaining with friends, trying – and failing – to keep fit at the gym and learning to fly. And I LOVE a good airshow!

Don’t ask me about my musical choices. They’re awful, very 1980’s and annoy my daughter enormously 😉

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